Dueño de Ilícito

Know Us

Brand identity

ILÍCITO is a Chilean brand dedicated to Streetwear, which was born on January 17, 2018. The audacity of a young couple, Mackarena Lüttecke (costume designer) and Nicolás Silva, with the purpose of generating money and entering the world of fashion that they are so passionate about, all this through a virtual market. They create and make clothing with comfortable patterns and innovative designs, inspired by urban cultures, Streetwear, producing garments with identity through different techniques, cuts and interventions, thus inserting themselves in the industry of author design. It is developed under the concepts of the subtle but authentic, escaping from the traditional, being outfits with personality.

A user is identified who wants to cover the need to wear a wardrobe that is up to date with trends through exclusive garments that reflect a person with style and confidence, rejecting the stereotype of common pattern making.

The founders, Mackarena Lüttecke and Nicolás Silva