In ILÍCITO we do NOT make money refunds, unless the product (s) are received with notorious damage and you notify them at the time of receipt (s).

To avoid inconveniences, it is your duty to check the good condition of the product (s) upon receipt. As a help, in our Virtual Store, we give you '' Washing and Care Instructions ''. In case of damage due to washing / drying or poor care, Ilícito will NOT be responsible.

If you want to exchange the product (s) for one with a higher price, you will have to pay the difference. In the event that it is of a lower price, Ilícito will not reimburse.


The maximum period of days allowed for you to make a change is detailed below. This begins upon receipt. In all cases, you must write to us at

- Store / office:
The exchange of products is accepted within 20 days of delivery. It is a requirement for the exchange that the product is in perfect condition. In all cases, you must show your identification and proof of purchase. Otherwise, we will not be responsible.

- Virtual platform:
The change is accepted within 10 days of receipt. As a requirement, you must contact us via email (, indicating the reason and order number. The product must be in perfect condition. You can make the change in person or pay for shipping to any of our stores or offices. We are not responsible for the transfer of change.